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Role-Based Licensing Conversion Jump Start

Convert with Confidence

Converting from Core licenses to a Role-Based license model requires a well thought out approach to managing your Tableau users. Work with our experts to ensure a smooth transition to your Role-Based licensing environment so that your Site Admins and users are setup for success.

White-glove conversion

An experienced Tableau expert will follow our proven methodology to ensure your users and servers are successfully converted.

Seamless end-user transition

We will map all of your users over to their proper Role-Based license type to ensure nobody misses a beat.

Customized License Management Plan

Learn best practices for Implementing Groups and/or AD/LDAP to manage, monitor, and report on license usage.

Engagement Goals

We will apply our proven 3-step methodology to deliver the following outcomes:

  1. All of your users for a single environment will be converted to their appropriate role-based license
  2. Servers will be converted from core-based licensing mode to role-based licensing mode
  3. You will receive a personalized user management plan so that Site Administrators are set up to successfully manage users and licensing as you grow your deployment
Discovery & Education
  • Review methodologies for user onboarding and license management in the subscription model
  • Collect user data to assist with role mapping
  • Segment users into new roles based on usage history
  • Determine proper user management methodology
Final Delivery
  • Demonstrate end-to-end process in non-production environment and then execute in production
  • Deliver guide detailing changes to AD/LDAP groups (if required), how to setup reporting/auditing for user maintenance, and opportunities for automation of user maintenance


  • Engagement is limited to one production environment
  • Server/Site Admins have access to new role-based server keys
  • Server/Site Admins are empowered to make decisions on license management methodology
  • Resource availability

Price: $15,000

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How do I know if RBLC Jumpstart is right for my deployment?

Transitioning from core to role-based licensing requires new administrative processes. RBLC Jump Start is a good option for you if you are converting a single server environment from core to role-based licensing, and would like assistance transitioning your users to their new site roles and setting up processes to manage future license allocation.

What items are included in the scope of the RBLC Jump Start?

In Scope
  1. All work will pertain to a single production environment
  2. Review of current user on-boarding and management methodologies
  3. Review of current governance practices
  4. Converting servers to user-based licensing mode
  5. Mapping users to appropriate site roles and converted to their RBS license
  6. Documented plan for managing users and licenses under the RBS licensing model
    • Methodology for creating and populating AD/LDAP groups into Tableau Server
    • How to set up implementation of reporting/audit of user maintenance
    • How to establish automation for creating and maintaining users
Out of Scope
  1. Creation of automation scripts
  2. Creation of synchronization scripts from the user management system to Tableau
  3. Creation and population of AD/LDAP groups
  4. Follow-on maintenance related to managing licenses post-conversion
  5. Modification & Implementation of reporting

What needs to be in place to ensure a successful engagement?

You will need two things to ensure your engagement is successful: (1) Your Role-Based License Key. (2) An employee with the authority to make decisions on employee site roles and license management methodology will need to be available to work with the consultant.

How long does the engagement typically take to complete?

Most engagements are completed within 2 weeks.

What if we run into challenges converting that are not in-scope?

We do our best to identify potential complications at the beginning of the engagement to avoid surprises, but in the instance that we run into unexpected challenges with your conversion, we will work with you to find an adequate resolution. Your success and satisfaction is our number one priority.

What items are included in the scope of this engagement?

At the end of the engagement, you will have:

  1. Servers that have been converted to a user-based licensing model
  2. Users with appropriate site roles
  3. A working process for on-boarding users and managing their license levels 

Can I purchase multiple Role-Based License Conversion Jumpstarts?

Yes, you can purchase an RBLC Jumpstart for each production environment, though for larger, more complex conversions, we suggest working with your account team to determine if a custom scoped engagement would better serve your needs.

Is the engagement delivered remotely or in person?

The engagement is designed to be delivered remotely. In the event a travel event is mutually agreed upon, any such expenses incurred by the consultant in performing the services for engagement will be separately invoiced to and reimbursed by the customer in accordance with the Tableau Travel and Expense policy.