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Dashboard Design

Build amazing dashboards

Whether you’re just getting started with Tableau in your organization, or simply need to get a dashboard built quickly, our Dashboard Design engagement will help you design, build, and polish a functional dashboard. We’ll provide hands-on coaching to help you bring your dashboard ideas to life.

Partner with an expert

A skilled Tableau expert will work directly with your team to share dashboard development knowledge and ensure your reports are highly performant.

Learn proven practices

You’ll receive hands-on coaching for visual design best practices in Tableau to ensure you’re successful with future dashboard projects.

Share your insights

We’ll help you bring a functional dashboard online to share insights with your colleagues without having to be an advanced Tableau user.

Engagement Goals

Before we come on site, we’ll take the time to understand your objectives and confirm access to your data in Tableau so we can get to work right away when we arrive. Then, over a week-long engagement, we’ll gather requirements, collaborate with you to build a working prototype, and document our work effort. In the end, you’ll have gained valuable knowledge of Tableau’s visual design best practices to use in future dashboard creation.

  • Confirm objectives and dependencies
  • Confirm data availability
  • Determine logistics
  • Requirements
  • Outline requirements
  • Review design examples
  • Prioritize needs and work effort
  • Development
  • Begin dashboard developments
  • Initial customer review and feedback
  • Revisions
  • Refine prototype
  • Address customer revisions
  • Final review and feedback
  • Final Delivery
  • Complete development effort
  • Documentation
  • Final delivery and walkthrough
  • Duration
  • 1 Week (40 Hours)
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    What needs to be in place to ensure a successful engagement?

    The focus of this engagement is on dashboard development. There are several dependencies that need to be addressed before a consultant can assist with developing your dashboard:

  • Access to required data source(s)
  • Connectivity to data via Tableau Desktop
  • Data in a format that is ready to use in Tableau Desktop
  • Usable data format that generally aligns to Tableau’s best practices (otherwise a Data Essentials engagement may be required)
  • What items are included in the scope of this engagement?

    This engagement is to assist with creation of a functional dashboard in Tableau Desktop. The factors that will influence the ability to complete a dashboard within the allotted timeframe:

  • Accessibility and readiness of data
  • Number of metrics
  • Complexity of calculations
  • Desired visualizations
  • Complexity of dashboard UI
  • Amount of formatting and polishing required to meet expectations
  • What if I need more than one week to complete my dashboard project?

    Many dashboard projects can be complex and are not always possible to complete in a single week-long engagement. Tableau Services provides custom dashboard consulting for customers needing more than 40 hours of dashboard design and development. Custom dashboard engagements will require scoping and a SOW. Contact your Account Manager if you have questions.

    Can I purchase multiple Dashboard Essentials packages?

    Yes, but the engagements may not always be available to be delivered back-to-back, and it is not guaranteed that the same consultant would be used for each. If you require the same consultant, please understand that there may be a scheduling delay or time gap between the onsite work effort (as individual consultant availability cannot be guaranteed).

    Can the engagement be delivered remotely?

    It is recommended that the engagement be done at your site to promote information sharing and collaboration. However, the engagement could be delivered remotely if that is a requirement. To support remote delivery, a Tableau Consultant will need the following requirements:

  • Ability to remotely log in to access data
  • Remote access setup and tested prior to the start of the engagement
  • If remote access is not possible, you must provide a .twbx file with the required data included
  • If you would like to work via WebEx or similar sharing technology, efficiency could be impacted (as WebEx is not ideal for collaborative development)
  • The ability of the consultant to make progress, or solicit feedback, is dependent on the availability of project stakeholders during the engagement timeframe