Website Analytics

Your website should work hard for your business—generating leads, driving conversion, building your brand, and supporting your customers. Make it work harder with Tableau. Tableau lets you dive right in, intuitively exploring vast web-generated datasets at the speed of thought. Find patterns and trends, build dashboards combining traffic, content, and source trends in one place, and blend data sources to see the interactions between web traffic and company sales, service, and operations.

Tableau makes life for the web marketer easier by connecting directly to Google Analytics for instant insights and Google BigQuery for massive data sets, in addition to digital marketing essentials such as Google Adwords. For SEO and other web optimization efforts, you'll also find that Tableau has native connectors to Splunk and Google Sheets, not to mention web data connectors for a host of other popular software including SAP and Salesforce. Gain new insights into your web analytics data by joining it to your sales, email, and other marketing databases.

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