Supply chain analytics

Streamlining the supply chain means managing multiple complex factors all at once, in real time: optimizing inventory, streamlining transportation, and delivering just in time, every time. Tableau brings everything together in a visual environment that’s accessible to anyone, yet supports advanced modeling and forecasting for Enterprise needs. Tableau opens an elegant and powerful view into your existing metrics and allows you to create new, customized algorithms. See how Tableau enhances your supply chain analytics below.

Supply chain analytics in action

Tesco increases sales with supply chain analytics in Tableau

Learn how Tesco—one of the world's largest retailers—analyzes their supply chain. With over 3,000 stores in the UK, and the average store has over 15,000 products, there's a vast amount of data to assess all at once. Hear how Tesco leverages Tableau on its Teradata data warehouse to tap into 100 terabytes of sales, waste, product and store-level data.

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We try to improve the customer experience by either improving availability or the quality of products that they buy in store by looking at the end-to-end supply chain from getting the products from the suppliers into the stores. So visualizing that (data) in the clever ways that Tableau allows you to, you can quickly spot trends or areas that could be easily improved.

How data is driving transformation in the supply chain

Presentation: Moving a Supply Chain Organization From Hindsight to Insights at Sysco

Sysco’s visualization effort is centralized around one key concept: placing insights at the fingertips of all employees to influence change. By enabling the organization with visual analytics, Sysco has made significant progress at visualizing what was once static and tabular reporting within the Supply Chain organization. The ability to visualize key metrics and quickly identify opportunity areas has created an organization hungry for more value—stimulating operational growth. See how Sysco leverages supply chain analytics with Tableau.

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Presentation: Integrating Advanced Analytics into the BJC Healthcare Supply Chain

The Supply Chain team at BJC HealthCare was tasked with reducing expenses by $212 million over four years while maintaining quality patient outcomes. BJC Supply Chain implemented Tableau to organize and access its disparate data sources allowing cross-functional teams to execute logistical, utilization, sourcing, and procurement strategies with measurable impact. Gartner recognized BJC with the 2015 Supply Chain Innovator Award.

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We are able to see that a bin is stocked out, and whether or not both bins came down on the same day. If they are both stocked out, that is an indicator that we definitely should look into increasing stock, or look at why it stocked out.

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