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Tableau Tea Talks Episode 4 - Embedded Analytics

Customers across the world like yourself, are including Tableau in their applications to provide their end users actionable insights and data that they can use to drive their business decisions. Bring a cup of tea and join us as we walk you through how you can level this up by including some of the latest features we’ve released in your application. We’ll also be speaking with Tableau and industry experts to understand their experience in leveraging Tableau to provide analytics to their end-users.

Topics covered

  • Introduction and External Analytics Recap: How customers are getting value by externalizing their analytics
  • Embedded Portal Revamp: New Features: Walk through of our revamped portal, updated with some of Tableau’s latest features that you could leverage and use for your customers
  • Fireside Chat with one of our customers: Hear from our Customer Rock-stars, Vishal Mathur, VP-Delivery and Support and Smita Jain, Director - Solution Integration, Alepo Technologies  on how they’ve been using Tableau in their organization
  • How other organizations are externalizing their analytics: Our head of Embedded Analytics for APAC shares more use-cases he’s seen Tableau being used for in this space and what he believes the potential for it is.

    Check out our Embedded Analytics product page to learn more.

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