Plan for a Dynamic Future with Advanced Sales Analytics

Your sales organization is more competitive when you can see the big picture and the day-to-day activities that close deals. That’s not easy in the face of constant change, and when you're trying to do more with less.

To succeed, you need a powerful business intelligence and analytics platform–one that gives every employee access to data insights that help them make smarter, faster business decisions.

Read this whitepaper and see how companies like LinkedIn and MillerCoors are using Tableau to drive success with data.

Learn how Tableau can help you:

  • Use your customer, finance, and marketing data to build winning strategies for
    • forecasting and planning
    • pipeline risk assessment
    • staffing allocation
    • profitability analysis
    • distance to quota, and more
  • Use interactive, shared dashboards to bring your sales reporting to life
  • Harness the power of Salesforce Genie to accelerate decision making.

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