Healthcare Provider Analytics

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From changing reimbursement models to an increasingly empowered patient base, the healthcare provider faces pressure to make better use of their data. Yet, the influx of disparate data sources and large data volumes make it challenging to empower staff to answer pressing questions, without significant IT intervention.

Tableau takes the pain out of healthcare provider analytics by allowing you to quickly and easily connect to all of your healthcare data, no matter the source, and visualize and explore it by dragging and dropping—no scripting required. You can finally get a holistic view of patients, identify and manage risks, and comply with newer regulations efficiently and effectively. Make sure you are equipped to explore whatever new medical or administrative data comes your way, with fewer reporting bottlenecks.

What do healthcare leaders have to say?

In the drive to improve patient and population health outcomes and efficiency, healthcare organizations are turning to data more than ever before. But the sheer diversity and volume of the data generated within even a mid-sized healthcare system can quickly become overwhelming.

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Delivering Value with the Balanced Scorecard

In this on-demand webinar you will learn how self-service visual analytics have been a key enabler to operationalizing the Balanced Scorecard paradigm at Evolution Health. This has empowered stakeholders across the organization to access KPI dashboards and reports, ask questions and suggest new ways to view data to drive optimal workflows. It is anticipated that this approach will foster collaboration, healthy competition, and enhanced organization performance, while assuring higher quality of care delivery for superior patient outcomes.

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Operational Excellence Resources

Webinar Series: Achieving Operational Excellence in Healthcare

Learn how leaders in healthcare are leveraging self-service data discovery and visual analytics to embrace operational excellence in complex data landscapes.

Case Study
Seattle Children’s accesses fast, reliable supply chain data

The supply chain team at Seattle Children’s hospital adopted a new methodology—demand flow—to better manage inventory. Learn how they used Tableau for a full, reliable view of their data to get the most out of the new system.

Four Ways Data is Improving Healthcare Operations

Finding new ways to improve operational excellence in healthcare is at the very core of successfully transitioning to a value-based, patient-centric care paradigm. Learn how to improve supply chain efficiency, revenue cycle management, and clinical productivity.

We're dealing with patients' lives, and it's really, really important that you know what's happening at the moment that it's happening, or a little bit before. With Tableau, we've been able to generate near real-time visualizations, which provides us the data we need to better serve our patients.

Population Health Management Resources

Five Best Practices to Enable Population Health Management

In this paper, we discuss how to deploy population health management into process, work culture and technology systems with data.

Webinar Series: Driving Innovation in Population Health Management

Hear from thought leaders in healthcare on how they have embraced the new value-based care model and integrated population health management into process, work culture and technology systems.

Case Study
Piedmont Healthcare improves care with proactive insights

This video explains how Tableau helps Piedmont continue to deliver excellent care in a rapidly-changing healthcare environment.

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