Reimagining the Workforce

Analytics to attract, retain and engage tomorrow’s workforce

In today’s rapidly changing environment, the call for education leaders to effectively recruit, manage and empower resilient and data-driven faculty and staff is more critical than ever. The most successful of these leaders trust Tableau’s industry-leading analytics platform to improve decision making, bolster performance, and empower their workforce with insights.

Reimagining the Workforce: Strategic Priorities and Drivers in Education

Learn how human capital management leaders look to data and analytics to modify their strategies over time, foster a culture of agility and optimize success for the future.

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Tableau dashboards allow us to shape the post‑COVID strategy for a hybrid instruction model. The goal is to maintain continuous operations with limited disruptions.

Tableau on Tableau: HR Analytics

See how Tableau’s HR team visualizes our data to find insights for compensation, recruiting metrics, and resource management to optimize budget across multiple programs.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Tableau

Learn how AI and ML can seamlessly integrate into your workflow, allowing you to make smarter decisions faster and with more confidence.

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