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Audit and risk analytics

Stop chasing numbers

Stop chasing numbers on a spreadsheet and find answers faster. Analytics can help you perform your faster and more impactful internal audits--using all of your data, not just a sample.

In this webinar, Tableau’s Finance Analytics Director Mike Crook, Tableau's Internal Audit Team and Joe Oringel from Visual Risk IQ will show you powerful examples of how analytics can help businesses reduce their risk exposure. Including:

  • Analyzing sales data
  • Reviewing employee use of their purchasing card, or P-Card
  • Reconciling payroll spending data and the general ledger
  • Spotting waste by identifying duplicate payments

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About the speakers

Mike Crook

Director, Finance Analytics

Angie Sullivan

Director, Internal Audit, Tableau

Mathias Ward

Senior Internal Auditor, Tableau

Joe Oringel

Managing Director, Visual Risk IQ LCC

Frannie Makabenta

Sr. Product Consultant, Tableau
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