Priority Healthcare speeds insights, grows closer to their data

The speed to insight with Tableau is breathtaking. The turnaround to answers with many questions that we get would usually take weeks. Tableau has provided us a way to quickly answer our customers, because they need the information now.

Tableau: What’s your experience with Tableau been like?
Luke Wilson, Medical Informatics Consultant: The speed to insight with Tableau is breathtaking. The turnaround to answers with many questions that we get would usually take weeks and properly so in many instances. Tableau has provided us a way to quickly answer our customers, because they need the information now. They need it within days, not weeks, or months.

Tableau: What does Tableau allow you to do with data exactly?
Luke: Tableau has offered new ways of connection of data. We have online and cloud space, we also have socio-demographic values that exist that we could blend in with our data maybe to tell a different story, or to provide value to our data.

Tableau: Has Tableau spread through your company?
Luke: So we have had Tableau for just a few years and it's been recently deployed through our enterprise and charged the atmosphere for new ways of looking at our data and to get quicker answers than we had before.

Our leadership has been inspired by our ability to share this information in a succinct and clear way and they can understand the story quickly.

Tableau: Are you able to use Tableau on different platforms?
Luke: We love the flexibility of Tableau publishing. Some of our users do use small tablet devices, like an iPad.

So this gives us the opportunity to publish and to provide a mobile experience and they can use the web or Tableau Mobile, and view them within the format of that device, really quickly, and then share with others.

It delights me that my company has entrusted me the ability to empower others with this information and to excite them about what they do and how they can serve our members better and put a smile on their face.

Tableau: How did things start with Tableau?
Luke: We started off with about 20 licenses of Tableau, just to make sure is this one going to work, is this what we need? And it quickly grew. We knew we needed more. The speed to insight was fantastic. Turnaround for information was phenomenal. So now we've deployed it across the system. We have more than 200 people using licenses. Many customers from small groups who need detailed information and their eyes only to see, to large KPI dashboards to disclose to all of our employees.

A favorite quote of mine is what you see and hear depends a great deal on where you're standing. And Tableau provides a landscape perspective that we couldn't supply before.

Tableau: What’s a specific area where Tableau is helpful?
Luke: One of my favorite pieces of work in Tableau has been to assist in product development. I don't typically work in that space. They were looking for a new way to engage the member and to bring price transparency to the member, to help reduce the burden of their healthcare expenses, while at the same time not competing with our providers who are also trying to serve the members, as well. Tableau has allowed us with our data to bring in many internal customers and departments to collaborate around price transparency and we are making strides to do just that for our members.

We're looking for new ways to bring better information to our members and to all of our customers to improve their experience and improve their outcomes. It creates a way for us to create new opportunities and new questions for new projects that we have to work on. We love our data. Our data is up to date and refreshed and able for us to use in many BI tools already. Tableau allows us to go further and to bring us closer into a more intimate display of the information.

Tableau: How does Tableau help with customer service?
Luke: Our customer service center is second to none. A member calls in and they're connected with a representative quickly who can answer them. We want to apply that within the institution so that when my customer asks me a question about data I can turn around and say here's the answer,

It gave me quick intimacy with the data and to understand what happens. I have a background in operations so I kind of already know how that data is supplied. But, Tableau offered me quicker access to new levels and new dimensions that I didn't have before, or couldn't access at that speed.

We were able to quickly turn our data into information that could then be understood, not at just low levels in operations, but also to leadership and executives who are constantly being bombarded with information having to make decisions

But, at the end of the day, we need to get the right information into our customer's hands, whether it's our member, or whether it's my employer over here that needs the support.