Acuren creatively uses Tableau Online to build dashboards for business continuity and productivity in unprecedented times

Identified opportunities by compiling, analyzing, and intersecting proprietary, public health, and industry data

Visualized key metrics to identify gaps and maximize resource utilization

Further expanded dashboard visibility and adoption to help reallocate resources and increase efficiencies

Acuren, a market leader in industrial asset inspection and integrity management programs, found itself in a unique position when COVID-19 hit. Because Acuren supports the safe and reliable operation of industrial facilities and assets across North America, such as utility and energy companies, the deployment of thousands of technicians to critical customer sites became complex under COVID-19 conditions. Using Tableau Online (powered by AWS), Acuren's Business Intelligence and Development teams examined the relevance of critical internal and external data and built a dashboard to visually depict data that wasn't previously visible to operational leaders. This provided valuable insights to assist leadership in making strategic real-time decisions that mutually benefitted employees and customers. Craig Perler, VP of Technology at Acuren, provided an example. “One work site, such as a refinery, creates labor supply because they're reducing employee exposure by paring down to a skeleton crew,” he explained. “Meanwhile, another project creates labor demand due to its workers suddenly entering quarantine. Our COVID-19 Tableau dashboards show us how we can effectively move qualified people from one job site to another based on those trends.” Acuren expects these workforce analytics to become another pillar in an already strong metric-based approach to future workforce planning and deployment practices. “Our capabilities to track labor supply and demand have been permanently heightened by this pandemic,” shared Craig. “We're now better prepared for day-to-day operations in the future, including if we ever get hit with a crisis like this again.”

Using our COVID-19 Tableau dashboards, we can help all sides: our people get to keep working, our clients can continue operating safely, and our business ultimately has more control over its financials.