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Build your organization’s data community

How to make your teams truly data-driven

Two people or two thousand people—if you’re coming together to learn and grow your analytics skills, you’re part of a data community. At Tableau, we know vibrant data communities. We're talking about you, DataFam. We love it when our customers share across industries, geographies, and roles.

If you find a part of the Tableau Community that resonates with you, take it back to your organization’s internal data teams. We have guides and best practices that adapt our most popular Community programs for your own use.

Build your data community today.

Why do we need a data community?

The smart way to accelerate your organization’s data journey: establish a data community where all employees are empowered to gather, analyze, and apply insights.

The case for data communities

Create conditions where people can immerse themselves in the language of data, encouraging data literacy and fueling excitement around data and analytics.

Solve the data literacy gap

Investments in data collection and analysis technology lose their value when employees aren’t properly trained on how to use data. Leverage communities to improve literacy and usage.

How do we begin?

Gauge your internal readiness.  You can start small like creating a direct message channel for analytics questions or hosting informal workshops like "lunch and learns". Then when you're ready, we’ve packaged some of our most popular Community programs. Use these resources as a framework and customize them for your organization’s needs.


Data Champions

Invest in your organization's most passionate champions and get an extended network of Tableau enthusiasts with the skills necessary to support users and accelerate adoption.

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Internal User Groups

Bring data people from across your organization together with regular user group meetings where they'll learn from one another, exchange fresh perspectives, and celebrate successes.

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Viz Games

Challenge your users to a data visualization competition. The excitement and camaraderie that follows will convince even skeptics that working with data is fun.

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Data Doctor

Connect your organization’s data experts with their colleagues for live, peer-to-peer support. Along the way, you'll identify departmental or organizational knowledge gaps.

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Any examples of what other organizations are doing?

What’s a community without sharing your learnings with others? These companies have created internal data communities to encourage and enable every employee to make data-driven decisions.

Learn from experienced customers

Hear how three community managers empower a culture of learning, sharing, and collaboration within their organizations--one Tableau user at a time.

DataFam speaks

Brian Smith shares how inspiration he gained from the Tableau Community helped nurture a data community within his own organization.

We're ready for the next level

All in to put data at the center of every conversation? Building an enterprise-wide data community comes down to success in three key pillars: communication, engagement, and support. Learn more about developing these areas with the Community workstream in Tableau Blueprint, our methodology for creating a successful, data-driven organization.

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Are we still part of the Tableau Community?

Absolutely. Just because you’re building a data community doesn’t mean you’re not part of ours. We’ve got the programs set up, just bring your perspective. Sign up for community updates or hop back to the hub for the latest Community news, events, blogs and more.

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