Reader Upgrade to Desktop

From reader to creator

Enjoyed viewing and interacting with Tableau packaged workbooks and now want the power to create your own?

Upgrade to a copy of Tableau Desktop and start exploring data yourself.

By upgrading to the full version, you will be able to connect to your data and start exploring, discovering and analyzing. Create your own visualizations and dashboards. Build visually compelling analytics. And, don’t worry, it’s easy. If you need help, our live, free training will guide you through it all.

There are 3 easy ways to upgrade:

  • Buy Tableau Desktop online via our easy-to-use store. In minutes, you'll be dragging-and-dropping your way to faster analytics and visualization.
  • Contact our sales team - they are happy to help you get started with the analytical fire-power of Tableau Desktop.
  • Try Tableau Desktop for free. It will expire within several days but you can at least get started using Desktop.

Need more information about Tableau Desktop? Check out the Product Center where you can learn more about all Tableau's products.