Protect Yourself

At Tableau we know that not everyone is as committed as we are to making the world a better place. Unfortunately there are some people out there that are up to no good, sometimes posing as a recruiter or member of the Tableau team to scam people out their personal information. Much like you, we think this is pretty uncool. So, we’ve compiled a few ways you help verify the legitimacy of a job posting and/or any corresponding outreach. To find information about current openings and opportunities at Tableau, please visit our Career page at Tableau Careers. If you think you’ve been the target of a job scam and want to validate communication around a job post, please reach out to

Verify Email Address
At Tableau, all of our emails end in If you receive an email claiming to be from Tableau and it ends in anything else, it’s likely a scam. This means emails like, etc., are fake. Additionally, we never use Gmail, Google Hangouts, or other social sites to conduct interviews or correspond with potential candidates.

Check the Job Requisition
All of our open jobs are posted on our careersite. Double check that the job requisition number you see on any third party sites matches one on the Tableau’s career page ( If you see something on a third-party site with an unverifiable requisition number, it’s a fake.

Don’t give out personal information
We never ask for your personal information (i.e, passwords, date of birthday, Social Security Number, banking information, etc.) via email. If you’re asked for such information, we advise that you do not send it back via email. At Tableau, we have secure ways of collecting this information when it’s needed, and will always be done through a formal tool (Workday, for example).

Don’t accept checks or other payment
Tableau will never send you a check or any other payment via mail. Be wary of anyone asking to send you any sort of payment, especially in mail form, or instructing you to purchase new home office equipment. Chances are, they’re trying to get your address and/or other personal information you may not want to give.

Report suspicious postings
You may report any suspicious activity to the website where you are viewing the posting. Most career websites have a Trust and Safety or similar division who can investigate and take further action.

Learn More
To learn more about best practices to protect yourself while searching for a job, please visit the Federal Trade Commission’s pages: or