Secure Development at Tableau – Tableau Cloud

Sri Srinivasan, Sri Srinivasan, Sr Director, Information Security Tableau
Joe Salowey, Security Assurance Architect

As part of Salesforce, trust is our #1 value, and delivering secure products to our customers is a key part of this trust. Each step of the Tableau development lifecycle is designed to ensure security is integrated into every decision, regardless of whether a feature is in its early conceptualization or in its ongoing maintenance after delivery.

In this document, we review the security considerations injected into every phase of the Tableau development process, including both automated processes and manual processes conducted by skilled security engineers. We highlight Tableau’s robust vulnerability analysis and response process that keep customers safe by fixing vulnerabilities and publishing security disclosures to keep them informed. Lastly, we touch on ongoing testing and external assessments designed to ensure security is continuously reviewed and enhanced over time, and that our standards are adjusted as needed to better align our delivery to maintain our customers’ trust.

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About the authors


Sri Srinivasan

Sri Srinivasan, Sr Director, Information Security Tableau

Sri is a Senior Director at Salesforce whose team spearheads all customer conversations around Security and Compliance. He has over Fourteen years of experience building and managing high-performing Security, Compliance, and Anti-Fraud teams. Prior to Tableau, Sri held key technical positions at Intuit and KPMG. He has an engineering degree in Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Information Management from Syracuse University.

Joe Salowey

Security Assurance Architect

Joe came to Salesforce as a Product Security Engineer from Tableau. Before Tableau, Joe worked on developing secure communications solutions at Cisco Systems and was involved in IEEE and IETF standards such as TLS and EAP.