Harnessing the power of data

"Tableau has enabled agility by delivering us the accurate & timely information we need at our fingertips in seconds that previously took days"

Head of Procurement, BAE Systems

Big change is on the horizon for the defence industry. Faced with unprecedented opportunities and challenges – from growing international budgets and supply chain complexities, to pressures to digitally upskill and meet sustainability goals – the industry must adapt efficiently in order to meet customer demands and remain competitive.

But it isn’t enough to simply invest in solutions that accelerate transformation in isolation. Organisations must break down process and data silos by harnessing the power of data business-wide.

By building on our strong, existing relationship, we’re confident at Tableau that we can support you to leverage data as a valuable, strategic resource. As you aim to accelerate operational efficiency, develop new talent and business resilience, and remain an innovative leader in the security, aerospace and defence sectors, our True Analytics Platform will provide a single source of truth, as well as deep data analysis and insight.

Your teams will be empowered to become more data-driven, efficient and informed – accelerating operational efficiency and adding value to every project milestone.

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