Hardware Planning and Server Configuration for Enterprise Tableau Deployments

Overview | What you'll learn: 

Tableau Server is easy to install and configure yet has many features that can add complexity to deployments.

This white paper aims to provide guidance and best practices for mission-critical deployments, placing emphasis on high availability, performance, scalability and governance.

Brad Fair and Eric Shiarla from InterWorks and Mike Roberts from Pluralsight bring a comprehensive understanding of the hardware, networking and integration requirements of enterprise customers, they provide a road map for Tableau Server planning and implementation.

A well-executed Tableau Server deployment consists of 5 essential steps:

Step 1: Planning the Environment
Step 2: Sizing Hardware & Server Configuration
Step 3: Load Testing
Step 4: Scaling to Meet Demand
Step 5: Maintaining & Monitoring

While this whitepaper cannot detail all of the possible variations encountered during the planning and implementation of a Tableau deployment, additional resources and information are highlighted after each section for more in-depth reading.

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