Data Trends 2022 Report

In an increasingly complex world, organizations everywhere are making some of their biggest bets on data and technology. Innovation is having a profound impact on the way work now gets done, shifting how data informs decision making. At Tableau, we want to help you be competitive and successfully navigate these rapid changes. Hear from leading experts in data and analytics on emerging data trends around:

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)
  2. Workforce development
  3. Flexible governance
  4. Data Equity
  5. Ethics

...and see what it means for your organization this year. Seeing and understanding data has never been more critical to your organization or role–regardless of whether you’re an IT leader managing your company’s data strategy, a business leader responsible for scaling business analytics or Data Culture, or forecasting important metrics like sales performance. These trends can help you prioritize strategies and achieve organizational success with data.

Read our 2022 Trends Report to discover the data trends expected to influence this year the most.

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