The Critical Role of the IT Group in Self-Service Analytics

Agile decision-making, aided by self-service analytics software, is improving organizational performance at leading organizations around the world. Yet, many IT groups still see the rise of self-service analytics as bad news, or yet another attempt by the business to circumvent the IT group and enterprise policies.

However, the tide is shifting. In fact, we’re seeing progressive IT groups leading the charge to support self-service analytics at scale. By doing things differently, these IT groups have changed their image within their organizations and are seen as crucial business partners by the rest of the organization.

How should IT approach self-service analytics? What roles and responsibilities should IT take on? What roles should they let go of?

To answer these pressing questions, we asked IDC - a leading industry research firm - combine its extensive research into business analytics market trends with interviews of three Tableau users (one CIO and two BI Competency Center leaders) who have gone through the growing pains of implementing self-service analytics.

Read this whitepaper* to learn more about the benefits and challenges of deploying self-service analytics solutions, including:

  • New expectations for business intelligence and analytics and key use cases.
  • New roles different internal groups should play to ensure successful adoption of this technology.
  • Lessons Tableau users learned in the process and how others can mitigate or avoid these growing pains.

*Source: The Critical Role of the IT Group in Self-Service Analytics, an IDC White Paper, sponsored by Tableau, March 2015

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