Customer Architectures: AWS & Tableau

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Tableau, you can perform every step of the analytics journey: data collection, transformation, storage and analysis—all at enterprise scale.

See how some of our most successful customers have architected and tailored their unique cloud and big data analytics platforms with AWS and Tableau.

  • Netflix feeds streaming data from Kafka to Amazon S3 and big data processors like Hive, Hadoop, and Presto. From Amazon Redshift and Teradata, data is aggregated into Tableau Hyper data extracts for analysis.
  • Expedia Group uses services like AWS Data Pipeline to automate the movement and transformation of its data into Amazon Redshift, which then feeds directly into Tableau for scalable, self-service analytics.
  • Sysco leverages AWS Glue for cataloging and ETL capabilities as data moves to an S3 data lake. Amazon EMR helps process data and facilitates a smooth connection to Tableau, where more than 12,000 users can perform analysis.
  • Edmunds.com migrated to AWS and uses takes advantage of many AWS services plus Tableau Server to query its data in a cost-effective way—without relying on teams of data engineers to uncover answers for the business.
  • Pearson flows data from an on-premises data platform through Amazon Kinesis into S3 storage. Native connections to Amazon Athena and Redshift empower ad-hoc analysis, discovery, and monitoring with Tableau.

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