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Why Community is your Key to Analytics Success

Healthcare and life science organizations are aspirational and mission-driven—their main focus is to serve and care for patients and the community. Great organizations thrive because of their dedicated community of leaders within the organization who share an enthusiasm for putting data at the center of every conversation. But how does an organization go about building a data-driven community and why would they want to? Join us in this webinar all about why building a community at your organization helps improve patient experience and clinical care outcomes. During this presentation we’ll discuss:

  • Best practices for how to setup a community.
  • How a community affects the change management of an organization.
  • Why healthcare and life science organizations should build a community of data leaders

About the speakers


Gule Sheikh

Strategic Success Manager, Tableau

Gulé is a technologist by trade and former executive that founded a health-tech company, scaled it by 1000% and sold the company after 7 years of running it. She was interviewed by Melinda Gates as one of the few health-tech startup owners that raised over $2MM in the Midwest. She developed the only algorithm for price transparency at the point of care, in the US. Her background in predictive analytics led her to Tableau, as data driven decisions have played a role along every aspect of her career.


Kevin Regan

Customer Success Manager

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