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When data isn't enough: The human side of change

Are you struggling to bring about change in your organization? Is your team or organization stuck in entrenched modes of behavior despite your awesome data visualizations? What now!? Even as a "data company," Tableau itself has wrestled with the very human difficulty of doing what we want to do.

In this Data Science Central webinar, a member of Tableau's engineering team will discuss change management and behavior engineering techniques that can equip you to power humane human change within your organization.

About the speaker


James Baker

Principal Technical Advisor

James Baker is a Principal Technical Advisor at Tableau Software. In his decade-plus on the development team, he has served as a software engineer, lead, manager, practice/process designer, project/program driver, and cultural advocate. His main passion is to see people, organizations, and society growing to fulfill their human potential via the journey to become the most spacious, integrative, and self-transforming versions of themselves. Prior to joining Tableau, James obtained an M.S. CompSci from Northwestern University focused on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, and a B.S. CompEng from Washington State University. He lives in Seattle with his wife, three kids, two cats, and collections of musical instruments and books.

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