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Visualizing Data for Better Public Health

Promoting and protecting public health is a collaborative effort that relies heavily on continual analysis of population-based data.

Every month more than 1,000 people visit NYC’s public health dissemination website, Epiquery, to access survey, vital records, and surveillance data. However, like many public health data platforms, the website was fragmented, difficult to navigate and understand, and left decision-makers without easy access to the data they need to improve health.

Therefore, HealthDataViz partnered with GCOM Software and The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to re-imagine the website’s technology architecture and user interface and align with modern-day tools and industry standards. Leveraging the power of Tableau, they revamped the site to showcase a suite of dashboards and reports spanning 13 disparate data sources to create a seamless, easy-to-use, and high-impact application with views customized for the novice to advanced user. In addition to incorporating the best practices of data visualization, R stats, and a host of Tableau interactive features, they also built for the modern user with a mobile-first design, deep-linking, and seamless integration using the Javascript API.

Join this live webinar to hear how they created an interactive data website that empowers citizens and decision makers alike with the data needed to improve and protect public health.

Learn how to:

  • Apply methods such as persona development, guided analytics, and best practices in data visualization to tailor complex data to different audiences
  • Streamline the user experience when navigating multiple, disparate data sources
  • Transform traditional static reports and outdated data query systems into an accessible format
  • Engage citizens with interactive, transparent data

About the speakers


Sandy Lawson

Co-founder and Principal of HealthDataViz.

Sandy Lawson is the co-founder and principal of HealthDataViz. She oversees business development, marketing, and government contracting as well as serving as a subject matter expert on engagements. With particular skill in the operational delivery of health care, Sandy is a recognized expert in the areas of health care operations, regulations, and reimbursement. In the public health realm, she has provided technical support consulting to several state Medicaid agencies helping them visualize data on fee-for-service and managed care expenditures, quality metrics, and substance use disorder to help stem the opioid crisis.


Cambria Brown

Consultant, HealthDataViz

is a consultant with HealthDataViz, where she designs and develops data dashboards and reports for public health and healthcare organizations, as well has teaches beginner through advanced Tableau for Healthcare courses. She has over 10 years of experience analyzing and visualizing health data and is a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional. With a background in public health, survey design, advanced biostatistics and quality improvement, Cambria understands the full data use cycle and is passionate about helping organizations use data to improve health.

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