On-Demand Webinar

Empowering Government Agencies to be Data-Driven

Responding to “fire drills” is a fact of life for government. While citizen service and event response make government service both exciting and rewarding, they also make it downright challenging—if not impossible—to plan for the future. Proactive government organizations are turning to their data to improve decision-making and track costs. With help from agile analytical technology, they are succeeding in using visual analytics to make better sense of their data.

Learn how government agencies are transforming with clean, easy to decipher visual analytics that empowers data-driven decisions and research. See how the DHS and FEMA have used visual analytics to improve disaster response and recovery, policy decisions, strategic initiatives and surveillance programs.

Join government consulting firm, Hassett Willis, in this on-demand 60-minute webinar to learn how organized data and visual analytics are empowering government entities by:

  • Improving accountability by ensuring data integrity for decision making
  • The use of business intelligence impacts public policy
  • Visual analytics helps the US better respond to natural disasters
  • Visualizing data helps improve operational review and reporting

About the speakers

Kyle Pipkins

Associate, Hassett Willis & Company

Teri Caswell

Senior Associate, Hassett Willis & Company,

Christine Carmichael

Marketing Leader, Government and Education at Tableau Software
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