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Visual Analytics Champion, Tristan Guillevin, reveals his secrets

In this video, Tristan Guillevin, Iron Viz Champion 2017, is sharing his best kept secrets in building an award winning viz. Prepare to be inspired as Tristan walks through the practical steps you can take to create insightful and interactive dashboards in record time as he recreates his winning visualisation live.

Tristan will share how you can:

  • Master the art of visual analytics
  • Turn raw data into actionable insights
  • Improve your storytelling skills

Watch this webinar to discover what it takes to be an international visual analytics champion.

NB: Iron Viz is the ultimate battle of Tableau skills. Three challengers are selected based on contests held through Tableau Public. The challengers face off head-to-head in a 20-minute viz battle in front of a 15 000 live audience at the Tableau Conference. Tristan Guillevin has won the 2017 edition!

About the speakers

Tristan Guillevin

Data Consultant, Actinvision

Louis Archer

Product Marketing Manager, Tableau
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