Live Webinar

Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group

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Join us on Friday, July 28 for the Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group.


  • Welcome & Introduction by Mark Wu, Tableau Ambassador
  • Query Banding & Repository Consistency Checks by Tamas Foldi
  • These two topics are focused on some crucial but not well-known aspects of server administration.

    Query Banding allows admins to automatically tag all Queries that hit the databases from Tableau. This helps them to identify badly performing queries, performance bottlenecks and can be integrated to the database chargeback model. Tamas will show how can anyone automate and manage activities related to query banding.

    In a perfect world the postgres repository and the filestore would be identical. However, due to power failures or software issues sometimes they get out of sync. This could lead to production interruption if it is not handled properly. Tamas will show the methods to use to validate their consistency and propose actions to correct the issues.

  • Live Q&A

Meet the Speaker:

Tamas Foldi: The white-hat hacker of Tableau Server, Tamas breaks Tableau Server so you don’t have to. His extensive knowledge of Tableau Server and its APIs allows him to manipulate Tableau like no other person. Fortunately he uses these skills to build and share incredible tips for the Server admin community. He strives to help customers and advises the Tableau development team on ways in which we can improve our products.

For questions about this event, please reach out to Mark Wu.