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Virtual Healthcare Tableau User Group

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You’re invited to a special pre-Tableau Conference 2016 #data16 meeting of the virtual Healthcare Tableau User Group on Tuesday, October 18 where we’ll preview three breakout sessions and do a Tableau tip on using Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions to deal with a couple of common data issues. Here’s the agenda, we hope to see you at the #TabHUG

Introduction by Jonathan Drummey

There are over 15 breakout sessions on healthcare at the Tableau Conference this year plus the Healthcare Meetup, you’ll get a quick rundown with links to help you organize as well as a few tips for making the most out of the #data16.

Healthcare User Group at #data16 by Nicole Webb and Marina Chakhalyan

Preview of "Leveraging Visual Analytics to Drive Premium Labor Efficiencies at Glendale Adventist Medical Center”.

Preview of Driving Measurable Clinical and Financial Performance using Tableau at Stamford Health by Divya Malhotra

Stamford Health comprises a 305 bed hospital and over 30 physician practices. Using Tableau as the primary self-service data discovery and visual analytics platform, we have realized the true potential of data by empowering our physicians, clinicians, nurses, and analysts with the actionable insights needed for right time decision making. In a short span of time, Tableau has become the most important tool used across the organization to augment its clinical efficiency, quality improvement, and cost reduction efforts.

In this session Divya will present a preview Stamford Health’s journey of transformation of its analytical landscape and accelerate its performance improvement efforts with $ MM in cost savings and efficiency gains, to achieve "analytical nirvana”.

Preview of Supporting Eradicating Malaria in Zambia by 2020 by Jeff Bernson and Anya A'Hearn

In 2014 PATH and the Tableau Foundation launched #VisualizeNoMalaria, an initiative to support the Zambian Ministry of Health to eliminate malaria there by 2020. This preview of our Tableau Conference 2016 session will showcase the community efforts of PATH and the volunteers in developing a detailed understanding of the end-user requirements for data collection, validation, and analysis in order to build dashboards to support the work in Zambia.

Tableau Tip: Using Tableau’s Level of Detail Expressions in Healthcare by Jonathan Drummey

In this presentation Jonathan Drummey will introduce Tableau’s Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions and how they are useful for a couple of common situations in healthcare data.
- There are multiple diagnosis descriptions in the data for the same diagnosis code—for example when the diagnosis data is coming from multiple electronic medical record systems—and we want to use just one diagnosis description for a given diagnosis code.
- Charge data at the encounter level is replicated to every diagnosis row and we want to ensure that charges are not replicated when we add them up (the SUM DISTINCT problem).

Closing - Jonathan Drummey

Speaker Bios:

Nicole Webb
Nicole Webb is the Manager of Business Intelligence at Glendale Adventist Medical Center, the flagship hospital of Adventist Health System. She is passionate about using Tableau to drive culture change in the healthcare industry. In under 3 years, Nicole has changed the way questions are asked and decisions are made within Adventist Health. She believes that people empowered with data have the ability to profoundly impact their communities for better. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Environmental Studies from University of California Santa Cruz and helps lead the virtual Healthcare Tableau User Group.

Marina Chakhalyan
Nursing Operations Data Analyst, Glendal Adventist Medical Center Marina has worked in healthcare analytics for 12 years. Her projects have focused on analysis for nursing operations/ labor analytics and patient experience quality. Marina holds a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management from University of Phoenix and Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences, from California State University, Los Angeles.

Divya Malhotra
Divya leads the department of analytics and innovation at Stamford Health. In this role, she leads the organization in the areas of clinical and business analytics, performance improvement and business planning. Prior to joining Stamford Health, Divya worked as senior manager for the healthcare operations division of Plante & Moran, where she led various consulting projects focusing on cost reduction, value analysis, and revenue cycle enhancement for various healthcare organizations. Divya has also worked as director of performance improvement at VHA Consulting Services, where she assisted clients in process improvement and resource utilization using advanced analytical tools. Divya is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt. She has an M.D. from University of Mysore, India, and a M.B.A. and M.H.A. from University of Minnesota.

Jeff Bernson
Jeff is the director of M&E at PATH. He has 15 years of experience designing, developing and implementing M&E programs. He works extensively with PATH's projects and programs to develop strategic frameworks, including indicators and metrics to understand how projects are integrating technologies and interventions into global health systems. Jeff supervises process evaluations and operations research, including mixed method research and development of innovative process measurement tools such as score cards, checklists and after-action reviews.

Anya A'Hearn
Anya runs the boutique consulting firm DataBlick. Blending her background in economics and product design, she enjoys using Tableau to blur the lines between data visualization, infographics, and art. She is proud to be a Tableau Zen Master, Tableau Iron Viz Champion and Tableau Social Ambassador.

Jonathan Drummey
Jonathan leads the virtual Tableau Healthcare User Group, is a Tableau Zen Masters worldwide, a Tableau Forums Ambassador and does Tableau and Alteryx training and consulting with DataBlick. He’s active in the Tableau community forums and posts a Tableau tip of the day @helpmedatablick.

For questions about this event, contact Jonathan Drummey.