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Using Geographic and Spatial Data to Improve Business Analytics

In today’s world of electronic commerce, virtual storefronts, and online exchange, it is easy to forget that participants in every business transaction are situated in some physical location. While data enhancement is not new, the growth and the quality of geographic data and the capabilities for spatial analytics has democratized the accessibility of geographic information processing. A by-product of the way that e-commerce has simplified business transactions is a need to extract knowledge based on geographic information and exploit it to drive efficiencies and profitability. Since many decisions are driven by geographic information, there is a great opportunity to see how geographic BI can improve business analytics.

What you will learn:

  • What is geographic data?
  • What is spatial analysis?
  • Processes for integrating geographic data
  • Dependence on best practices for data integration and data quality

In partnership with:
TDWI webinar: Using Geographic and Spatial Data to Improve Business Analytics

About the speakers

David Loshin

President, Knowledge Integrity, Inc.
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