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Using data visualization to make better decisions—faster

Many organizations don’t realize how much faster and more accurate their decision making would be if they were better at data visualization. Indeed, most organizations struggle with seeing and understanding their data. (Think about some of those 100-page slide decks and 60-column spreadsheets.)

In this on-demand webinar, Tableau Visionary and best-selling author Steve Wexler will share insights on how to get your organization to "get" data visualization.

Watch and learn:

  • Why “just the numbers” isn't good enough
  • The “gateway drug” to data visualization
  • Why do we see so many bar charts?
  • Why most people make a mess of using color
  • The secret to engaging your stakeholders and the power of disaggregated data
  • What you should always, always, always keep in mind

If you’re new to data visualization, this webinar will help you understand the benefits of well-designed charts and dashboards. If you are experienced in data visualization, this webinar will help you evangelize its use in your organization.

This is part of the From data to tada: Communicating your insights webinar series.

About the speaker


Steve Wexler

Principal, Data Revelations

Steve Wexler has worked with ADP, Gallup, Deloitte, Convergys, Consumer Reports, The Economist, ConEd, D&B, Marist, Tradeweb, Tiffany, McKinsey & Company, and many other organizations to help them understand and visualize their data. He is a Tableau Visionary, Iron Viz Champion, Tableau Training Partner, and co-author of The Big Book of Dashboards: Visualizing Your Data Using Real-World Business Scenarios.

His presentations and training classes combine an extraordinary level of product mastery with the real-world experience gained through developing thousands of visualizations for dozens of clients. In addition to his recognized expertise in data visualization and Tableau, Steve has decades of experience as a successful instructor in all areas of computer-based technology. Steve has taught thousands of people in both large and small organizations and is known for conducting his seminars with clarity, patience, and humor.

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