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How Stamford Hospital Used Data to Save Millions

Independent community hospital systems across the country are struggling to keep costs down while delivering the best care possible. Isolated analytics, manual data collection, and a pervasive “spreadsheet culture” often inhibit these organizations’ efforts to build and deploy successful analytical capabilities. Consequentially, it is often difficult to gain measurable improvements because they lack a consistent set of tools and resources.

Stamford Health is a 305 bed hospital with 125 physicians. Its proximity to larger healthcare systems in the New York and Connecticut puts enormous pressure on this organization to perform exceptionally, both financially and clinically.

Watch this webinar to learn how Stamford Health was able to effectively turn this challenge into an opportunity with data. By empowering its physicians, clinicians, nurses, analyst and knowledge workers with the right data at the right time, they succeed in reducing operating costs while improving patient care.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how:

  • Stamford Health saved $6.5 million improving its clinical resource management initiatives and over $3 million in value analysis.
  • Data helped inform and improve its high volume, labor intensive departments such as ICU and ED.
  • Self-service analytics continue to support and accelerate Lean Six Sigma and other process improvement projects.
  • Clinical efficiency is tracked using physician specific metrics.

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About the speakers

Divya Malhotra MD,MHA,MBA,

Director of Analytics and Innovation, Stamford Health
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