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Using Data to Cut Costs and Improve Care at Seattle Children's

When you’re an organization committed to saving lives, the more you remove waste from systems and processes the more resources become available to put towards patient care. Seattle Children’s—the 6th highest ranked children’s hospital in 2015 according to U.S. News & World Report-set out to accomplish just that.

A data-driven approach saved Seattle Children’s Hospital millions in inventory carrying costs and wastage. Real-time reporting also illuminated their supply needs, order costs, and aging inventory. These insights helped eliminate surplus stock, minimize stockouts, improve fill rates, and manage stock keeping units (SKUs) by 200%.

More importantly, physicians, nurses, and clinicians were able to move out of supply chain operations to focus on delivering higher quality care.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how:

  • Self-service data discovery and analytics supports supply chain, procurement, and inventory management
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital’s data-driven approach led to measurable cost savings and productivity gains
  • Empowering staff with data eliminates inefficiencies and streamlines processes

Learn more about our Achieving Operational Excellence in Healthcare webinar series.

About the speaker


Jason Klein

Supply Chain Specialist, Seattle Children’s Hospital

Jason Klein has worked at Seattle Children's Hospital for the past 11 years in the supply chain department. He has worked with Tableau for 5 years and has designed and implemented many reports for the hospital. His primary focus is with internal distribution of supplies and building visualizations to identify usage and improvement options.

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