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Using Data Analytics in K-12 to Drive Effective Decision Making

While administrators have access to more data than ever before, too often they are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and unable to use it strategically. But the right tools can transform this challenge into an opportunity. Creating dashboards can give district leadership the ability to analyze enormous amounts of disparate data in a simple, visual way, resulting in more effective and informed decision making throughout the school system.

Watch this web seminar to learn from an administrator at Katy Independent School District in Texas about the fundamentals of data analytics in K12, unifying district information systems into a centralized dashboard, and using data more strategically to inform your district leadership.

Topics will include how to:

  • Bring together demographic, discipline, assessment, mark reporting and attendance information
  • Unify finance, asset, and purchasing data
  • Create effective centralized data dashboards
  • Use visual dashboards to drive effective district decision making

About the speakers


Jamey Hynds

Director of Business Intelligence, Katy Independent School District

Jamey's department provides application development, web development, systems integration, dashboard design, and database programming for Katy ISD. It is comprised of three groups that work together to consolidate, maintain and distribute the district’s data to its stakeholders.


James Crider

Manager, Data Warehouse & Analytics, Katy Independent School District

James Crider is responsible for the day-to-day operations of data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) development, as well as the data management for Katy Independent School District. Since graduating from Texas A&M University in 1998, James has spent the last 17 years in application and database development in varying industries including: oil and gas, communications, consulting services, and education.

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