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Use Data and Predictive Analysis to Measure Optimal Health

Healthcare and life science organizations are committed to improving the health of patients and members by providing data-driven insights. Predictive analytics and machine learning have a growing range of applications in healthcare and life sciences. Predictive analytics plays a key role in areas such as disease diagnosis, personalized care treatment, smart electronic health records, and informing healthcare policy and practice.

This webinar details the various applications of visual analytics and predictive analytics to analyze data related to the health index of an individual or population to answer the following questions:

  • How can predictive analytics predict the health risk of a population?
  • How can predictive analytics reveal the primary factors and conditions that influence health index scores?
  • What action can be taken to potentially improve the life span or health of a target population?

Using a payer wellness program example, we will explore these questions and share how to identify potential health improvements and engage members with the powerful combination of Tableau, Einstein, and Salesforce Health Cloud. Join us to learn more about a data-driven approach to drive optimal health and improved health index scores for a population.

Click here to view a copy of the presentation slides. Learn more about Tableau healthcare use cases in our Tableau for Healthcare series.

About the speakers


Amir Meimand

Principal Solution Engineer, Tableau

Alexis Guinebertie

Senior Solution Engineering Manager, Tableau

Derek Cyr

Principal Solution Engineer, Tableau

Takashi Bins

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau

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