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Turn Data into Products - From Data Scientist to Data Business Owner

Your data may have untapped monetary value

Join us to discover the insights of a fascinating survey-based study which found how organizations of all sizes are monetizing their data assets. Companies are generating revenue and even exploring new, data-driven business models through embedded analytics integrations, data products, and API-driven digital platforms or data marketplaces.

Dr. Carlo Velten, CEO of Crisp Research, will discuss key findings from the research paper, including:

  • The state of the European data monetization market and forecast for the global data economy.
  • Various data business models that your organization could adopt when monetizing data assets.
  • Some approaches, strategies, and considerations to develop a successful data-driven product or business.
  • Powerful use cases for BI products with embedded analytics integrations across healthcare, hospitality, finance, and more.
  • How to choose the right technology and architecture for your data business initiative, including critical embedded analytics considerations.

See if your data-driven business can drive new revenue opportunities with modern analytics

Learn about successful use cases for monetizing data, including the sales of weather and traffic data; industry or topic-driven analytics-as-a-service offerings (such a predictive maintenance); monitoring and monetization of social media data; price and market predictions, forecasting, and benchmarking data; office utilization and productivity solutions; location-based marketing and personalized shopping; and more.

Then, see for yourself a real-world data-driven business. Sven Selle, part of the Cloud Application Solutions team at Siemens, will discuss how he brought to life MindSphere, the cloud-based, open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system. Learn how MindSphere empowers manufacturers to connect their entire factory to the internet to make greater use of the data their systems generate, while also ensuring their plants comply with operational guidelines. You’ll also see how Tableau, a market leader for modern analytics, powers MindSphere with powerful data visualization capabilities.

Read the corresponding research paper from Crisp Research.

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About the speakers

Dr Carlo Velten

CEO at Crisp Research
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