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Transforming Healthcare Data Into Insight

St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust in London wanted to better take advantage of its data. Today, using Tableau, the hospital is speeding decision-making, identifying trends in patient care needs, and improving operational performance. Even more importantly, data-driven insight is helping to drive better patient outcomes.

With more than 7,000 staff caring for patients around the clock, St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust is the largest healthcare provider in southwest London. Data from the hospital’s electronic health records and other applications creates an unprecedented opportunity for the Trust to accelerate decision making, optimize clinical outcomes and improve operational performance.

During this webinar Tom Dewar, Head of Information at St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust in London will share how Tableau is helping the hospital convert information into insight and improve patient outcomes by:

  • Minimising reliance on manual reporting systems—such as spreadsheets, slide decks, and pivot tables
  • Reducing the time to create reports from weeks to hours so more time is spent analysing data rather than formatting it into reports
  • Improving reporting consistency between departments to compare metrics and KPIs accurately
Ultimately helping St. George’s to deliver outstanding patient care and meet the challenges of cost reduction, resource allocation, and compliance regulations. NHS St. Georges

About the speaker


Tom Dewar

Head of Information at St. George's Healthcare NHS Trust

Tom Dewar was the Principal Analyst for Health in the Prime Minister's Delivery Unit before jumping ship to work in the NHS in 2006. For the last seven years he has been leading hospital Information Services, supporting decision makers at all levels. A stickler for the effective presentation of data, Tom is currently rolling out Tableau as a tool for monitoring and analysis at his current trust.

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