On-Demand Webinar

The Top Trends in Business Intelligence for 2013

The world of business intelligence is evolving. Not only do organizations need to make decisions faster, but the data sources available for reporting and analysis are growing tremendously, in both size and variety, from traditional internal data sources, such as customer data, to new unstructured data sources such as social media.

At the same time, new technologies are now presenting businesses with the opportunity to not only analyze data faster, but to deliver business intelligence to a wider audience and to deliver new insights previously unavailable to support decision-making. Learn about the key trends in business intelligence this year in this special April 11th webcast led by DBTA columnist and Unisphere Research analyst Joseph McKendrick. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a better understanding of:

  • How visual analytics is helping organizations see and act on Big Data
  • Realizing the value of unstructured data
  • BI’s new home in the Cloud
  • Getting in the fast lane with Mobile BI

About the speaker

Joseph McKendrick, Research Analyst

Joe McKendrick is an author and independent analyst who tracks the impact of information technology on management and markets.