On-Demand Webinar

Tips to prep and validate your finance data

Financial data is messy. Traditional methods for preparing and transforming financial data for analysis are highly manual and time-consuming. With the extensive cleaning, enrichment, and shaping that happens with financial data, how do you build trust and confidence in your data once it’s been exported out of your source systems?

In this short webinar, Tableau’s Finance Analytics Director Mike Crook and Finance Analyst Kaylee Walker will share:

  • Our approach to unifying data from our source systems
  • How our team uses Tableau Prep Builder and the entire Tableau Platform
  • Examples of the dashboards we use to monitor and validate our data

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Get started and download the Tableau Prep Example Data Flows discussed in the presentation.

About the speakers

Mike Crook

Director of Finance Analytics, Tableau

Kaylee Walker

Finance Analytics Analyst, Tableau
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