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Tips and tricks to build your Tableau skills as a student

This webinar is a part of our Back to School Webinar Series.

Kaleigh learned how to use Tableau as a student at the University of Cincinnati. As an active Tableau Public user, her work was recognized in Tableau Public's Viz of the Day gallery. Her data skills helped land an internship using Tableau, and she continues to publish engaging vizzes on Tableau Public.

Join us to learn how Kaleigh found success with Tableau leveraging her passion in soccer, working with mentors, and participating in the Tableau Community.

This webinar is intended for students and professionals who want to learn new methods to build their Tableau skills.

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About the speaker


Kaleigh Piscioneri

Kaleigh grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and attended the University of Cincinnati. She just finished her Bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics with a minor in Information Systems. During her time as a student, she also interned at the Business Intelligence department of Unifund CCR under the instruction of Jeff Shaffer, Kevin Flerlage, and Dinushki De Livera. Now, she enjoys vizzing in her free time about sports and women, as she played collegiate soccer.

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