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Power to the people: building a data-driven organisation

Truly data driven organisations hold numerous advantages over their competitors: increased operational efficiencies, greater revenue generation and stronger, more adaptable customer service. Democratising data throughout a company has the potential to make analysis and insights ubiquitous and more readily available, and can aid business leaders in making better decisions faster.

However, the sheer quantity of data can make it easy for companies to drown in the data lakes and get lost in the warehouses, and data scientists are not affordable for most organisations. With the increased data usage comes a greater spotlight on governance and security, so how do ensure everyone uses the data responsibility? How do we foster guardianship of the data?

In this discussion, moderated by Jason Wincuinas, Senior Editor, Thought Leadership Asia at The Economist Intelligence Unit, we will bring together an executive panel to discuss how to empower people with data.


  • JY Pook, Senior vice-president, Asia-Pacific, Tableau
  • Christelle Young, Chief strategy and analytics officer, L'Oréal ANZ
  • Kai Yang, Chief data officer, Asia Pacific, HSBC
  • Aneesh Chaudhry, Chief data officer, Unilever India

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