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Learn how Tableau Software leverages marketing technology and data to drive better performance within the demand funnel. See how becoming a data-driven marketing organization can dramatically increase marketing attributed revenue and customer retention. Examples of using analytics and data to optimize the demand funnel include:

Attend this webcast and see how to analyze:

  • SEO & Inbound Tactics
  • Digital Advertising
  • Landing Page & Email Testing
  • Predictive Analytic Lead Scoring
  • Telemarketing Campaigns & Account Targeting
  • Territory Optimization
  • Closing the Loop – Impact & ROI

The possibilities are endless for making each phase of the revenue funnel more effective with next-generation marketing tools. Join this webcast and learn how to leverage analytics and marketing automation to achieve better lead management and revenue performance.

This is one of a five-part marketing focused webinar series:

  1. Social Media Metrics: How to Measure and Optimize Your Marketing
  2. Infusing Analytics Into Your Modern Marketing Mix
  3. Leveraging Analytics for Better Search Marketing Performance
  4. Executive Dashboards: How to Measure Marketing’s Impact
  5. Measuring Engagement: Three Metrics that Matter

About the speaker


Wade Tibke

Sr. Director of Marketing Operations, Tableau Software

A long-time resident of Seattle, WA, Wade is a technology marketer with over 15 years experience. He is currently the Senior Director of Marketing Operations at Tableau, a leader in the analytics industry focused on helping people see and understand data. Wade was around the 30th employee at Tableau and has watched the business develop into one of the world’s fastest growing software companies, now with nearly 2000 employees. Wade is responsible for marketing operations, lead management, and demand generation programs. He has a deep knowledge of marketing systems and analytics. And believes in the power of technology to drive highly personalized, thoughtful, and educational experiences that optimize conversion. Wade also believes that dogs and beer might be the secret ingredients to all things going well.

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