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Tableau on Tableau: Marketing Operations Analytics

Having the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes, efficiently leverage existing resources and achieve multiple goals are the hallmarks of a great marketer. Unfortunately, the reporting tools marketers rely on can be inflexible and slow, and often, the simple goal of looking at a variety of data holistically can turn into a huge time-consuming project.

During this webinar, hear from Tableau’s Director of Marketing Operations, Mike Braund, as he explains how he asks and answers questions with data – all the data – from Salesforce.com to Eloqua, Drupal to Google Analytics, AtTask to Smartsheet, and more. Mike will share specific use cases from across Tableau’s marketing team to show how dashboards and integrated data sources empower his team to make better decisions. From the top of the funnel to the bottom, see how Tableau marketing relies on data to drive strategy, manage resources, and uncover new opportunities.

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About the speaker


Mike Braund

Director of Marketing Operations, Tableau Software

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