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Tableau & Salient - Roadmap to a Modern Data Environment

Government organizations face growing pressure to empower business users to quickly and easily access and analyze multiple data sources. These pressures are stretching the limits of traditional data warehouses(DW) and business intelligence (BI) tools. As a result, disruptive technologies are emerging that provide greater self-service analytical capabilities with easier, faster data acquisition and preparation for analysis.

The introduction of new technologies and increased demand for end user control over the analytic workflow offers an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to transition to a modern data environment. Innovative organizations are capitalizing on this opportunity to overcome traditional DW and BI limitations, enhance performance, and accelerate achievement of desirable business outcomes.

Watch this webinar where we shared the fundamental elements of a modern data environment, provided a roadmap to enable successful transformation and migration from the current legacy state to the target state, and detailed the business outcomes and business value you can expect to realize by transitioning to a modern data environment.

About the speakers

Cynthia Walker

Vice President, Data Analytics Innovation Center, Salient CRGT
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