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Tableau Mapping for Healthcare

Are you interested in learning more about mapping in Tableau? If so, Tableau invites you to join an upcoming live review session on Friday, June 9 at 12pm EST.

In this session, Derek will show how to visualize information on top of a hospital unit floor plan. Use cases include operational ones (what patients haven’t been rounded on?) and analytical ones (what is the utilization rate of beds / ORs?). Derek will show first how to build in Tableau Desktop, and then how to run visualizations in near real-time using Tableau Server and the JavaScript API.

Learn more about Tableau healthcare use cases in our Tableau for Healthcare series.

About the speaker


Derek Cyr

Sales Consultant, Healthcare | Tableau

With over 20 years of experience deploying and consulting on analytics solutions (>10 years in Healthcare), Derek has a demonstrated history of setting strategy and improving business and clinical outcomes through leadership and analytics across multiple industries including healthcare, banking and direct marketing. Skilled in Business Process Improvement, Data Science, Analytics and Data Management, Derek has been an active Tableau user since 2011, has spoken at numerous regional and national conferences and possesses a Master of Science (MS) focused in Business Analytics and Information Systems from University of South Florida.

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