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Tableau Conference: Why data enthusiasts return year after year

Learn as much as your brain (and your heart) can hold this fall at Tableau Conference (TC18) in New Orleans, October 22-25. With keynotes, breakout sessions, hands-on trainings, networking meetups, parties, and more there are lots of opportunities to master new skills when you attend.

But maybe you're not sure if it's right for you?

Watch this panel-style webinar where we talk to a few past Tableau Conference attendees, and get their perspective on why #TC18 will be unlike any other business analytics conference.

Hear firsthand how you too can experience the contagious atmosphere of a culture that doesn’t just love the power of data—we live it.

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Ready to register for TC18? Visit the Tableau conference website and save $200 off full conference price when you register by July 13th.

About the speakers

Ben Jones

Director of Global Outreach Programs, Tableau

Ann Jackson

Analytics Evangelist, Jackson Two

Brian Graves

Director of Business Information Systems at Esler Companies

Bridget Cogley

Tableau Zen Master & Social Ambassador
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