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Tableau applied in a blended learning style for higher education

Globally data visualisation has now become a recognised business skill. This skill is not just earmarked for data scientists or information managers, but for all disciplines and fields of study dealing with the challenge of making sense of a variety of related data sets regardless of how big or small.

Bringing the capabilities of business intelligence tools, such as Tableau into the Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme at Stellenbosch University has made a huge stride forward in instilling their scholars with this essential skill.

In this webinar, Professor Johan Louw and one of his students, Mr Wolfgang Erb share:

  • How and where their journey started with Tableau
  • How and where they use Tableau in their Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme
  • A case study example: Applying Tableau for “Spend analysis” (related to strategic sourcing in Procurement and Supply Management)
  • A student’s perspective in getting to know Tableau

About the speakers


Johan Louw

Associate Professor - Department of Logistics - Stellenbosch University - South Africa

Teaching and learning in the Logistics- and Supply Chain Management (Log & SCM) program at undergraduate and focused modules at postgraduate level is a major part of his job. Being a research focused institution, a lot of time also goes into research supervision for students following a postgraduate program and subject-related research. His research interests relate to Supply Chain (SC) Strategy; SC Planning; SC Design; SC Benchmarking; SC Enabling Technology and SC Competency Development.

Johan has always been a strong advocate of visual thinking and lately developed a keen interest in the application of data visualization in the field of Log & SCM (Making information meaningful and useful … fast). He originally graduated as an Industrial Engineer (University of Pretoria) and later completed his MBA (Potchefstroom University). He completed his PhD in Logistics (Stellenbosch University) with the title: “Advanced Supply Chain Planning for Large Scale Petrochemical Companies”. Johan has extensive experience within the fields of Industrial Engineering, Maintenance (Mechanical), Engineering & Performance Enhancement (Process), Production Management & Planning, Business Development, and Log & SCM related to the Petrochemical Industry.


Wolfgang Erb

Honours student - Department of Logistics - Stellenbosch University - South Africa

Born and raised in Namibia, Wolfgang attended school in Windhoek all the way through to grade 12. Before entering University to complete his BCom Management Science degree he first completed a Sport Management certificate at ETA college during his first year after his grade 12. At 23 years of age he is now in the process of completing his Honours degree in Logistics Management at Stellenbosch University.

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