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Strengthening the 21st Century Workforce Through Community and Data

In order to provide the best services and care to citizens, state and local government agencies should empower businesses and organizations to attract, hire and retain talented individuals and employers who support this mission. To do so, agencies should provide tools to inform data-driven strategy development at the county and regional levels.

Discover how the State of Indiana’s Secretary of Career Connections & Talent partnered with the Management Performance Hub to develop a single, interactive dashboard to accomplish this goal. You’ll learn how they compiled data from multiple sources into one collaborative, transparent platform that counties can use to encourage economic growth and development.

Watch this webinar and understand how to:

  • pull together multiple disparate data sources
  • cut data processing in half with seamless updates for better quality and process efficiency
  • engage agencies with an interactive, transparent visualization

About the speakers

Josie Fasoldt

Senior Director of Engagement and Analytics

Josie is the Director of Engagement and Analytics for Health and Human Services at the Management Performance Hub (MPH) and also has the pleasure of leading and supporting the MPH Business Intelligence team. Josie guides government and business executives in the health and human services space towards inaugurating data analytics solutions that improve state agency operations and inform policy to benefit Indiana residents. Before joining MPH, Josie worked for New York State’s oldest criminal justice non-profit, the Osborne Association, where she led data analytics for its jail, prison, substance abuse, and workforce development programs.

Dakota Bagwell

Business Intelligence Developer, Indiana Management Performance Hub

With nearly five years of blended data and process management experience, Dakota is currently a Business Intelligence Developer for the State of Indiana.
In his first few months as a state developer, he has worked on three dashboards that have gone on to fulfill state laws, optimized State of Indiana business operations reports, and has acquired the informal title of "Tableau Wizard."
From sales teams to legislators, Dakota is dedicated to being a data advocate and sherpa for all audiences.

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