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Steps to Improve Your Internal Audit and Compliance Using Tableau

The first two webinars in this series showcased Tableau users who became data champions in their organization by using data analytics. They were from different industries, different departments, had different source data – yet each project ended in success. The last webinar of the series, Visual Risk IQ LLC will walk you through techniques to leverage your data to help you do your job faster and more precisely, through example dashboards from Travel & Entertainment and also Procurement Card data. View this session and you’ll learn how this methodology can help you:

  • Relate internal audit and compliance questions to source data.
  • Explore all data in a population instead of being limited by audit sampling
  • Establish repeatable data refresh routines for continuous auditing and monitoring
  • Find outliers and patterns that ordinary exception queries can overlook

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About the speakers

Joe Oringel

Managing Director, Visual Risk IQ LLC

Kim Jones

Managing Director, Visual Risk IQ LLC
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