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Smart Analytics: From data to decisions

Tableau has a long history of investing in emerging technologies that make rich data analysis approachable to users of all skill levels.

This live webinar with Constellation Research* Principal Analyst, Doug Henschen, explores the evolution of self-service BI and the rise of smart analytics in the market, examining four key areas in which Tableau continues to invest: data prep, data analysis and discovery, natural language interactions, and predictive analytics.

Doug will also be joined by several members of our development team to discuss our vision for the future of smart analytics and how Tableau is helping to drive these features forward.

Join us for an informative and lively discussion on this topic.

*Constellation Research is a Silicon Valley-based technology research and advisory firm specializing in digital transformation and disruptive technologies.

Get the companion report, Tableau Advanced the Era of Smart Analytics.

About the speakers


Doug Henschen

Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research

Doug Henschen is Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research focusing on data-driven decision making. Henschen’s Data-to-Decisions research examines how organizations employ data analysis to reimagine their business models and gain a deeper understanding of their customers. Henschen's research acknowledges the fact that innovative applications of data analysis require a multi-disciplinary approach starting with information and orchestration technologies, continuing through business intelligence, data-visualization, and analytics, and moving into NoSQL and big-data analysis, third-party data enrichment, and decision-management technologies.

Before Constellation, he led analytics, big data, business intelligence, optimization, and smart applications research and news coverage at InformationWeek. His experiences include leadership in analytics, business intelligence, database, data warehousing, and decision-support research and analysis for Intelligent Enterprise.


Keyana Corliss

Director of Public Relations, Tableau

Vidya Setlur

Director of Research, Tableau

Vidya is a research scientist at Tableau and works in the Palo Alto office. Previously, she worked as a principal research scientist at the Nokia Research Center for seven years. She earned her doctorate in computer graphics in 2005 at Northwestern University. Her research interests lie at the intersection of natural language processing (NLP) and computer graphics, in the area of content retargeting and iconography.


Arthur Gyldenege

Senior Product Manager, Tableau

Arthur Gyldenege is a Senior Product Manager on Tableau Prep. During his three years at Tableau, he's worked on connectivity, big data, and now Tableau Prep! He loves helping people see what's possible when you combine data preparation and visualization. Not only can you see & understand your data, but you can ask deeper questions.


Richard Tibbetts

Principal Product Manager, AI, Tableau

Serial and occasionally parallel entrepreneur. Founder of three venture-backed startups: StreamBase, SellerCrowd, and Empirical Systems. Advisor to startups including uFora, Concord.io, Krypton Cloud, and Datawire. As an entrepreneurial technologist, Richard enjoys working from product vision, technological validation, and fundraising, through team creation, product delivery, and market development. Experienced player-coach in evangelical sales of sophisticated technology products into large enterprises, especially in financial services firms.

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