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Signs of a Successful BI Deployment from the University of Texas at Austin

What do you do once you have an established BI environment? You roll out another one of course! At the University of Texas, Austin, we are implementing an interactive data visualization and agile analytics platform to help our customers more easily access, see, and understand their data. We considered our original Cognos implementation a success, but we quickly realized Tableau isn’t “your granddad’s software” in terms of its reach. With two BI executions under our belts, we’ve been able to put our existing knowledge to use to assist in implementing performance management, capacity planning, and security strategy for all of our BI systems.

In this 60-minute webinar, hear UT Austin's best practices around:

  • Managing monitoring and security solutions
  • Avoiding deployment pain points
  • Handing multiple layers of deployment
  • Connecting to multiple data sources
  • Creating data visualization projects, workbooks, and visuals

In this presentation University of Texas-Austin discusses differences they found between their traditional BI Platform execution and Tableau. They demonstrate their monitoring and security solution, talk about pain points, discuss what should be avoided, and highlight their best practices.

About the speakers

Darin Mattke

Business Intelligence Engineer, Team Lead, University of Texas at Austin

Christine Carmichael

Industry Director, Government & Education, Tableau
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