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Setting up Tableau Server Monitoring for Success

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This intermediate Tableau Success Connector session outlines the best practices for monitoring your Tableau Server. This session is specifically designed for individuals who are currently Tableau Server Administrators, BI CoE Leads, Project Managers, Product Owners, and all those who have prior experience in deploying enterprise applications.


Discussion will be cover:

  • Why monitoring is important in your Tableau deployment
  • Who should be involved in monitoring activities
  • How to proactively monitor your Server
  • Tools and resources within the platform to help you monitor
  • Best practices for application monitoring and troubleshooting with built-in and external tools

Note: This intermediate session is for individuals who have basic experience of implementing Tableau. This is NOT a formal training or certification session.

Estimated duration: 45 minutes (session: 40 minutes + breakout room: 5 minutes)


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